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What is SCP? 

Superior Community Preschool (at times referred to as 4K) is a free half-day preschool program (either AM or PM) offered to children who are 4 by September 1st and who live within the School District of Superior 


Where is SCP? 

We offer SCP at the following locations: 

● Bryant Elementary School 

● Cathedral School 

● Cooper Elementary School 

● Four Corners Elementary School 

● Head Start Center 1 

● Head Start Center 2 

● Great Lakes Elementary School 

● Lake Superior Elementary School 

● Northern Lights Elementary School 


*every year is subject to change* 

What are the program lengths at SCP sites? 

● Elementary school sites offer a 2 ½ hour SCP class 5 days a week.  ○ AM or PM offerings; depending on location and enrollment 

● Cathedral and YMCA offer a 2 ½ to 3 hour SCP class 5 days a week. 

● Head Start offers a Half day and Full day program 4 days a week.  SCP runs in the AM and Head Start programming is in the PM. (students enrolled in 4K at Head Start must first be accepted into Head Start through their own application process and must qualify based on income guidelines) 

● The start and end of programs vary by site.

Can I attend any elementary school I want for SCP? 

Home School preference will be given at the school sites for 4K. We will open up placement at an elementary building that is not your home school mid-April. For Example: I live in Bryant school area and I want my student to attend Cooper. I would enroll at Cooper as my 1st choice. I would then put Bryant (or a community site) as my 2nd choice. Beginning of May, the director will examine numbers and determine if there is space at Cooper. If there is space at Cooper, you will be contacted and offered Cooper as a placement option. 

Is SCP placement on a first-come basis? 

Yes, every application is time-stamped and given a number we use in placement. If you sign up for your home school, or a community site location, placement is determined on a first-come basis. If your first choice of site is full; you will be placed in your second choice placement and placed on a waiting list for your first choice. If a spot opens within your first choice location; you will be contacted and offered this spot. 

What if I need transportation? 

  • School District Transportation Guidelines: You must live 2 miles from your home school, or in an eligible bus area, in order to qualify for transportation. (Please call the Transportation Department if you have questions 715-394-8706). 
  • If you do not qualify for transportation, based on the guidelines, it is up to you to get your child to/from SCP. 
  • We do not transport between 4K participating sites
  • Bussing may be available to/from the following sites to neighborhood school site only

(contact each location for information): * New Horizons Daycare * Superior Children's Center * Happy Hearts Daycare

What if I need care beyond the 4K day?
Extended Care (either before or after 4K within the school day) is available at some elementary buildings and space is limited. 

º AM Extended Care: Available at Cooper Elementary School. This is available for students attending the afternoon 4K program but arriving to school at 8:40 am. º PM Extended Care: Available to Cooper & Northern Lights. This is available for students attending the morning 4K program but staying until 3:30 pm. * The cost for Extended Care is $ / day. Please indicate wrap needed upon enrollment or contact [email protected] to inquire and sign up.

• Before School (7-8:40) and After school (3:30-5:30) is available at every elementary building site. Visit the website HERE to find out more information and sign up. • Before, Wrap Care and After 4K care are also available at Cathedral and YMCA. Please contact these locations to sign up.

Can I attend SCP if I live in another District? 
If you live in the State of Wisconsin, you will need to apply online through DPI website at https://dpi.wi.gov/open-enrollment (beginning February 1st). You will then need to register for SCP (see below). If you live in Minnesota; you are ineligible for 4K. 

How do I register? 

Registration begins online February 7, 2023

● All registration is online at www.superior.k12.wi.us 

○ Choose Enrolling Students with the star icon. 

○ Click on the link and follow the instructions to create an account and complete the enrollment. Please be sure to choose the 2023-2024 school year. Unfortunately if you complete enrollment in the wrong year, you will need to re-enroll. 

● You will need a child's Certified Birth Certificate, Immunization records and proof of residency to register. 

○ IF you do not have these items, your placement will not be complete.  You may upload these documents while completing your enrollment online. If you have any questions, please contact Erin Gray, secretary of the Early Childhood and Family Education Department at [email protected]

○ Proof of Residency documents accepted: utility bill, rent/lease agreement or bill.

A computer is available for registration at every elementary

school & the administration office if you do not have access

to a computer.

What if I have more questions? 

Please contact the Early Childhood & Family Education Office: Erin Gray, secretary at 715-394-8790 ext. 51503 [email protected]

OR Jennifer Willoughby, Director of PreK Services at 715-394-8790 ext. 51501 j[email protected]

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